My Losing Battle

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Today I lost.

Today exhaustion won over perseverance,

Temper over patience.

Today mistakes were made,

And cries were spent.

Time was wasted—productivity amiss.

Judgement ran awry; my logic and reason flawed.

So as I surrender to this day, beaten and brawled,

I look forward to tomorrow.

Not to undo what is already done,

but to learn from today’s losing battle,

and perhaps emerge victorious again.

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10 thoughts on “My Losing Battle

  1. So sorry. It sounds like an extremely hard day. Sending thoughts of peace and a good sleep tonight. ☺
    P.s. such a beautiful poem. You write beautifully. ☺

    • Thanks, Marla. I appreciate your dear thoughts and wishes of good sleep in hopes that I’ll get a decent slumber tonight. Hope your evening is going well 🙂

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