The One with a Change


In the spirit of a new year and my recent resolutions, I’ve decided to pick up the moments chronicled in this space and move it to a fresh new page. Fret not, my dear friends, aside from the url address and some aesthetic improvements, minimal changes have been made.

I do ask that you follow me over to my new home. I’ve added a Google Plus button as well as a subscribe option, so none of you will miss my and my family’s continuing adventures.

And lastly, I want to thank all of you for your support. I’ve grown tremendously in my writing and blogging prowess, and I couldn’t have gone through leaps and bounds without your thoughtful comments and lovely words. So cheers to this new venture of my little blog. I hope you continue along for the ride.

The One on the Second 17th

20141207_120644Today marks my second December 17th with my daughter. The first one was adrenaline-filled, yet magically exhausting. It started earlier than usual, with anxiety and confusion, but progressed to excitement and eventual confirmation. When the day finally ended, my husband and I celebrated with a warm hug and a passionate kiss—a fitting gesture to usher in the next chapter of our lives: the day we transitioned from husband and wife to mother and father.

One year later—millions of diapers changed, countless of sleep lost—and here we are; exhausted beyond imagination, yet the sense of joy and fulfillment numbs it all nonetheless. Life is definitely different now. Little things such as a giggle or a step is celebrated with fireworks and giddy excitement; fatigue rears its ugly horns at the ungodly hour of 7:30 pm, and dinners out and sleeping in are few and far between.

But of all the December 17ths I’ve lived through, I wouldn’t trade last year’s, this year’s or every single one here on out for any day of the 365 the year offers. Because this day will always be a blissful reminder of when our daughter was born.

So to here’s to my beloved little lady on her first birthday. May she keep her precise ease to life that she (no doubt) inherited from her father, and carry just the right amount of sass bestowed upon her by her mother. We love you always.

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The One for the Woman by the Steps

20141123_101104Watching the woman by the steps beside me

To the woman by the steps,
I felt your frustration the minute I laid my eyes on you. With triplet boys in tow and a newborn to nurse, overwhelmed didn’t even begin to describe how you must have felt.

I expected you to scream; to shout at your boys for their unruly behavior while you settle them for a snack (throwing carrot sticks at other spectators is not condoned in my household either), I expected you to quiver as your newborn wailed in agony, wanting to be fed. I even expected you to just pack up and leave—endure the torture of the freezing weather with four children under the age of three someplace more private.

I expected you to do these things because that’s what I would’ve done. Cower and abandon ship—try again another day. But, despite the chaos unraveling, you got through it all, with such grace and composure. Your calm demeanor settled your boys by your feet for their snack, and your soothing voice eased your newborn daughter so she can be nursed. Not once did you break. Not once did you let the chaos take over.

So thank you, for your admirable efforts. For making me realize that it’s not just me enduring the madness motherhood. That there are others out there teetering in the brink of insanity at times. And yet, we all manage to come out unscathed.

Thank you for making me see: that in motherhood, I’m never alone.

From the unsuspecting woman sitting five spaces away.

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My Losing Battle

0e37233751020af61db79606120389f1Image Source

Today I lost.

Today exhaustion won over perseverance,

Temper over patience.

Today mistakes were made,

And cries were spent.

Time was wasted—productivity amiss.

Judgement ran awry; my logic and reason flawed.

So as I surrender to this day, beaten and brawled,

I look forward to tomorrow.

Not to undo what is already done,

but to learn from today’s losing battle,

and perhaps emerge victorious again.

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The One with a Letter to my Daughter

To my darling daughter,

When, I came upon this song, we were in the midst of our daily dance party. You were bouncing around the living room, and I was chasing you around, carelessly ignoring the trail of toys you’d left behind. But amidst our lighthearted play, the lyrics echoed in my head, so simple, yet so profound—I lived.

There are many things I wish for you—a great education, a fulfilling career, a sense that happiness is found internally, not in the outskirts of anyone or anything.

But as for hopes, I only have one: live. Take life by the reigns and conquer it—enjoy its fruits, endure its hardships and uncover its many lessons and wonders.

So yes, I’d love for you to attend an Ivy League school and become a world renowned professor at Oxford or Harvard. I’d love for you to find the man of your dreams and live happily ever after. But those are choices only you can make. Wish it as I may, I can’t choose the path you walk; I can only guide you through it. And I trust that when the time comes, you’ll amble confidently to a course that will take your life to depths and bounds you’ve only dreamed.

But remember, dear daughter to live–live with no fear, but with plenty of wonder, live with strength and rigor, and a promise of joy happiness. Live the life you intend, and nothing less.

Do it all and live, sweet girl.

Always with Love,


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A Settling House (The One with a Poem)


There’s a moment in the day
when the bustling and the chaos subsides.
When my sweet girl surrenders to her deep slumber–
a chair swaying us both to serenity and warmth.
When the piles of toys, of things, of clothes, of stuff that populate every inch of our space
is neatly tucked and piled away.
When the only sound I hear is the quiet hum of the evening breeze
and the occasional rustle of the leaves.
That’s when I heave a sigh.
Not for exhaustion, not for fatigue,
but for relief.
Relief we got through yet another day,
relief that we were able to play and bond, smile and laugh.
Relief that our moments are spent together, not apart.

So as I settle in with my home. I relish,
not in the silence that now hangs so delicately in its walls,
but in hours that we spent filling it–
with memories and adventures

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The One with a Poem for my Daughter

 IMG_20140529_114258 Days

There are The Days when we don’t get much sleep.
There are The Days when your cries are inconsolable.
There are The Days when patience lacks, and there are The Days when stress is overbearing.
Then, there are Other Days
Those Other Days when we laugh and giggle for hours.
When a gentle nuzzle on your head, warrants a loving pat on my face from your little hands.
Those Other Days stretches time gloriously, letting me watch you explore and discover;
Those Other Days when little gestures like uttering the word “mama” is precious and unforgettable, giving me strength to get through The Days.
I endure The Days in lieu of the Other Days we have.
Either day, however, as long as I spend it with you, sweet girl,
is a great day to me.


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